Jonna Lee - Something so quiet
Jonna Lee - Lake Chermain
Jonna Lee - My high
Jonna Lee - This is Jonna Lee
Jonna Lee - This war (EP)
Jonna Lee - I wrote this song
Jonna Lee feat. Ed Harcourt - And your love
Jonna Lee - 10 pieces, 10 bruises
Jonna Lee - Dried out eyes
Jonna Lee - Lake Chermain
Jonna Lee - My high
Jonna Lee - I don't do looking backs
Jonna Lee - I wrote this song
Jonna Lee & Ed Harcourt - And your love
Jonna Lee - Dried out eyes

Jonna Lee

Jonna Lee
Razzia records
Lee was born 1981 in Linköping and grew up in a small Swedish village in
the country. Being a musical mind at an early age, she found growing up in
a family with no musical leanings was not the way to develop her musical
skills. So Jonna packed her belongings and ran off to London as a teenager
to make a new life full of music.

Her first encounter with the music buisness came at age 17 when she as a
member in a duo released her first album. Not being satisfied with sharing
the spotlight, Jonna Lee started her solo career and learned to play all
necessary instruments to write her own music and to perform it live.

In her early twenties, Lee found her way back to Sweden and moved to
Stockholm where she became a part of the underground indie scene,
recording her own records that she released trough her website until she
was signed by Swedish indie label Razzia records spring of 2007.

Jonna Lee’s debut album “10 pieces, 10 bruises” was released in
Scandinavia Oct 2007 and was produced by Lee together with Swedish
producer Claes Björklund. The first single was “Dried out eyes”, followed
by “And your love”, a duet with UK talent Ed Harcourt. Harcourt also
produced three of the tracks on her debutalbum. Danny Goffey from UK band
Supergrass guest plays on “I wrote this song”.

“10 pieces, 10 bruises” was also released in Japan in July 2008 on P-Vine

In September 2008 Jonna Lee released a 5 track EP entitled THIS WAR that
also featured the single “The Light” that also can be found on Lee’s
second full lenght album “THIS IS JONNA LEE”.

Feb 25 2009 “THIS IS JONNA LEE”, produced by Jonna herself together with
Claes Björklund, hit the stores and Itunes worldwide. The first single “My
High” is currently plugged on Swedish radio.

Jonna Lee’s distinguishing feature is her gentle but hoarse voice combined
with her hopeful but mellow songs and melodies and her stage persona that
is something out of the ordinary.

Some of the guest musicians on “THIS IS JONNA LEE” are Neil Primrose from
Travis, Annika Norlin of Hello Saferide and Andrea Kellerman from Firefox

UK Blog The Next Big Thing wrote:

“This is Jonna Lee” is the second album from this Scandanavian chanteuse.
Continuing the stream of unstoppable quality pop from the Razzia hit
factory. Check out “My High”. It’s like what mighta happened if Carole
King had written “I’m Waitin’ For The Man”. In terms of melodramatic
popular song, they don’t come much more sophisticated than these. It’s not
high octane but more slow burn.

The kind of thing that you’ll casually overhear and wonder what the heck
it is like an itch. This will eventually turn into a rash as the songs
wash over you. There’s an understated swing to the undertow of “Newfound
Friend” that’s way cooler than any Aimee Mann song I ever heard. “The
Light” appeared late last year on the “This War” EP. It sounds like it’s
been a bit buffed up from that outing.

The quiet assuredness works in a way that bludgeoning never could. Jonna
and her crew have fashioned a wee gem that will surely infiltrate the
hearing gear of anyone with ears. Be nice to see and hear how it works in
a live setting, hopefully the UK will get a chance to do so in the not too
distant future.”

Lindsay Hutton

“A noticable difference from her previous releases is a rougher sound but
also a more forward Jonna Lee. Jonna’s voice takes over the room and with
13 amazing songs with lyrics that gets under your skin you can tell that
she’s on to something big!”

Maya Javez

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